Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More Media Hubris

It appears that the Page 6 reporter from the New York Post, cannot believe that other reporters aren't rallying around. According to the Editor & Publisher website, the reporter in question, one Jared Paul Stern, reportedly said "I was surprised that the coverage wasn't a little more balanced." the magazine also reported Stern said the hostility against him will eventually "rebound."

Really? You attempt, by all reports to blackmail a (Democratic) billionaire, get caught, and of COURSE the Press will not come to your rescue. If Stern wanted the rest o the media to rally around, he ought to have tried to blackmail a Republican billionaire. Of course, those might be hard to find. Poll after poll has shown that it is the Democrats who rely on deep-pocketed donors (George Soros, Ben & Jerry, Steve Jobs, etc), not the Republicans

However, this exposes once again, the hypocrisy and arrogance of the media. The expectation that the Press would support him, is totally alien to most people caught doing something illegal. However, the MSM has shown time and time again that they believe that laws are for other people when they disagree. From the despicable leaking of black ops by the New York Times to the relentless refusal to portray the Administration in a positive light, the MSM have shown that they work as a pack and do not take anything laws seriously if it will advance their radical agenda. Even the recent coverage of the illegal alien protests showed this tendency. In the MSM, did you see any reporting about the anti-American groups who organized the rallies? International ANSWER, for example? MEChA? Of course not, the media believes that open borders and a radical, anti-American Latino lobby is a Good Thing. SO they will not report on anything that would discredit that belief.

In Stern's case, he will be tried and if the evidence is as extensive as has been reported so far, he will probably be found guilty. Then he will have a long time in prison to consider his crimes. However, for the rest of the MSM, the only way to punish them for their hubris, their elitism, and their stubborn refusal to print anything that they disagree with is to turn them off. Hit them in their pocketbooks. That seems to be the only thing that their masters understand.

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

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