Thursday, April 13, 2006

Energizing the Dem Base...

...or not. According to a new Los Angeles Times poll, (which should be taken with a large grain of salt, considering the lack of trustworthiness the Times has displayed recently, it appears that Democrats are less enthusiastic about a guest-worker program than Republicans. It also appears that among Democrats without a college degree, only 38 percent support legalizing the aliens who are invading our country. The support among Democrats in general is at only 59 percent, as opposed to 67p percent among Republicans.

Mickey Kaus, comments on this in the online version of Slate magazine, writing, "I think this means that black Democrats without a college degree oppose guest-worker plans by something like a 3-1 ratio, but the Times doesn't give the "especially low" breakout. Talk about demoralizing the base! Can Democrats afford to alienate the black vote going into the midterms?"

I wish that this was true. However, I would remind Mr. Kaus that the black vote has been loyal to the Democrats despite repeated evidence that the Republicans are actually much more aligned with their interests. They have been loyal despite bigots like Byrd and Kennedy sitting in Congress. The Democratic Party bought the black leadership a long time ago, and in election after election, the blacks vote the same party line without so much as a chirp. The few who do think for themselves are the Condoleeza Rices and the Thomas Sowells of the world- and they vote conservative. It seems that most blacks either cannot or will not get off the victimhood train- and will not think for themselves either. Apparently they would rather let their so-called 'leaders' do their thinking for them- as long as the welfare checks keep coming. And this embrace of victimhood is irritating, especially to sometone who has seen real racism- and it isn't here in the United States! As long as we are on the subject, the Asian immigrants, most of whom are legal, by the way, (Chinese, Japanese, etc) had a much harder time when they first got here than did the blacks post-Civil War. And they have mostly turned out fine, though they also seem to vote in a Dedmocratic bloc, which I don't reallly understand, unless they are hoping for some of the same victimhood handouts as the blacks and Latinos usually get.

In any event, while I respect Mr. Kaus' opinions, I do not think that the Democratic Party has much to worry about as regards their black membership. They can say or do anything and those reliable, 'disadvantaged' dupes will still vote the Democratic party line, sending racist ignoramouses like Cynthia McKinney to Congress, no matter what. Makes one sad, doesn't it?

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

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