Sunday, April 09, 2006

America Responds to the Illegal Alien Lobby

We have seen in the past few weeks a number of protests where American flags were burned,
carried upside down (as seen in the photo to the left), flown below Mexican flags and otherwise treated with contempt. The most recent of these events occurred on April 10, 2006 and once again, the United States flag was disrespected by these so-called "patriotic undocumented workers", as is shown in the afore-mentioned photo. As I said in an earlier article, these illegals may indeed be patriotic, but their loyalty clearly does not lie with their would-be adopted country. Rather, it either lies with their country of origin, or worse, with the racist and revolutionary sentiments espoused by such groups as MEChA. For an unbiased look at what MEChA is, please see the American Patrol's MEChA Site. From their own words (Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada. = For the Race everything, outside the Race, nothing), they are a Latino equivalent to the Ku Klux Klan or the Nazi Party. Purity of Race anyone?

Now, a group of Americans who (like me and many other Americans) are sick and tired of these illegal (and racist) aliens demanding privileges they have not earned, and throwing their weight around when they are clearly in the wrong on this debate (unless you care to argue that the US has no right to enforce its own sovereign border, which is an argument that will get you laughed out of court by any judge) has decided to take the battle to the Mexicans themselves. The group of patriotic Americans, who call themselves the Border Guardians, identify themselves on their website as follows:

We are a group of American citizens who believe that defending America'’s sovereignty is the most important issue in the illegal immigration problem. For too many decades, American citizens have been subjected to a relentless psy-ops (psychological operations) and propaganda war by the left-wing advocates of illegal immigration. Some of these groups include the governments of Mexico and the United States, La Raza, ACLU, Border Action Network, MALDEF, Derechos Humanos, and No More Deaths. It is time for American citizens to fight back in the same way!

Clearly the Border Guardians are tired of this long campaign intended to undermine the sovereignty of the United States, and as an American, I find their logic entirely understandable. Apparently deciding to give these illegal fifth-element types a does of their own medicine as to how one's national banner should be treated, they burned a Mexican flag in front of the Mexican consulate in Tucson, Arizona, provoking many Mexicans into comments like "this is not a gesture of humanity, this is a gesture that provokes."

Really? A gesture that provokes? If the woman who said that feels this way, once might ask her why so many of her countrymen and countrywomen who are illegally in the United States are doing the same (and far worse) to the American flag? Does not the flag of the country that has given them far better lives and far more courteous treatment than their illegal and anti-American actions justify not also deserve respect? I would say yes. When I lived in Japan, I always remembered that I was a guest, and that as long as I lived there, the local laws were to be given more respect than even those of my native land. But then remember, those who agitate for amnesty are people who have so little respect for the laws and customs of the United States that they are willing to break any and every law of the US in their attempt to win privileges that no American has ever been granted in Mexico (or any other Latin American country, for that matter)!

Maybe this act will show the illegals and their handlers that respect for one's hosts is actually important. So far, the illegal movement has shown neither respect nor even courtesy to the country in which they are currently living. If they are angered when their own flag is burned, maybe they might get the hint that their own antics, which I described above, are equally anathema to the Americans whose hospitality they have so badly mistreated.

Hat tip and photo credit to Matt Drudge.

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