Friday, April 21, 2006

Economy & Media

The United States economy is roaring along, by all accounts. Unemployment is hovering well below the average for the 70s, 80s or 90s (yes, that includes the vaunted 'Clinton Boom') but according to a new report, a majority of Americans trust Democrats to handle the economy more than Republicans. Never mind that the Democrats have produced exactly one economic boom (Clinton's) and that had to be forced on them by the Federal Reserve chairman! Meanwhile, the Republicans produced the booms of the 1980s and the 2000s, despite the attacks of September 11, and the resulting war.

So why don't Americans recognize this? Well, the main reason is a national Press corps that is bound and determined to get the Democrats into power at the first available opportunity, and which hates the Bush White House with deep passion. This Press will not report any good economic news and will emphasize anything that is bad, thus delivering a false picture of economic growth. And this Press will lie and deceive Americans as far as they are able in order to get their lemans in the Democratic Party back in power.

So what can Republicans do about it? Well, they need to start talking very loud about their achievements. And they need to do it in local papers and news stations that are less connected to the Bush-deranged national Press corps. They need to talk about what this administration has accomplished- and its accomplishments are many, despite the haters in the Media. But unless Republicans have the guts to do this, I think their chances of success in the elections are minimal.

In one regard, a Democratic victory in the midterm elections will put the onus on the Democrats to actually do something. They will no longer be able to simply carp and complain. But as their policies are surrender, retreat and cowardice (with the exception of Joe Lieberman), I fear that we cannot afford to open Americans' eyes to the true nature of the Democratic Party. They will pull out of Iraq, cower to the Chinese and the Iranians and kowtow to the UN. All of which puts us in mortal danger.

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