Monday, April 03, 2006

Illegals and The Media

So the MSM have once again refused to meet the hordes of barbarians. In this case, that would be the intolerant racists who are the organizers of the Aztlan dreamers, otherwise known as MEChA.

These racists showed their true colors when they raised the American flag upside down under a Mexican flag in the Los Angeles area. Despite the claims of being 'American', there was little 'American' about these illegal aliens trying to force Congress into giving them carte blanche to break (and continue to insult) American sovereignty and law.

The Mexican-American War was fought over a hundred years ago, and it should have settled the question of ownership over the US southwest. If these hotheads want to try reconquering, then let them form an army and fight it out. If they do not have the courage to fight for it, then they do not deserve it. And I fear that so many of our so-called 'elites in the government and the Press (especially the Press) are too cowardly to defend their own culture and land.

Speaking off the Press, what is this mysterious desire for domination so many of them display? They call the Minutemen (a group of peaceful citizens who are attempting to rally support for actual enforcement of our laws and who desire a protected border) 'racists'. Yet I have yet to notice a single organ of the MSM calling MEChA's La Raza protests, and their mythical Aztlan dreams as racist. I have yet to hear a MSM reporter talk about the fact that most of these protestors were chanting in Spanish about how they were going to reclaim their land. What land, wetback? You are no more a native than are the descendents of the Pilgrims.

I can only hope that these protests eventually provoke a big enough backlash that we actually enforce our borders. La Raza already lost THAT war, and I'm damned if I am going to sit back and let them try to overturn the results of the Mexican-American War by street violence. Especially since the MSM is cheering them on. What makes the MSM so fervent for dhimmitude, whether it be La Raza or Islam? They won't stand up to Muslim claims of superiority, even going so far as to do their utmost to help the Islamists win against their own culture. And now they go out of their way to report on the riots as being 'peaceful' and 'patriotic'. Peaceful? Maybe. Patriotic? Only for Mexico.

I fail to understand why our leaders cannot understand that these people are here ILLEGALLY. They have no right to anything in this country, having broken the most basic law already- entering illegally. This country doesn't owe them anything- in fact it is quite the reverse. They are openly calling for the 'return' of the entire US Southwest and they show no respect for American culture, or law. We need to crack down on these illegals. Now.

On the other hand, I welcome LEGAL immigrants. These people stand in line patiently and many of them have something useful to offer to this great nation. The illegals may be convenient when you need crops picked or your lawn watered, but they offer no other useful service to the United States. But what to do about them? Well, I have a few suggestions.

I would like to see a wall along the lines of the Great Wall erected along the southern border and permanently manned with US Army members. And if an illegal is caught in the US, he/she will serve without pay for one year at whatever menial task the court assigned and he/she will then be dumped back across the border. Oh, and one other point. Once caught, that illegals' entire family is forever barred from seeking US residency or citizenship..

But what about the employers? Well, build the wall, and then crack down. Set crippling fines for being caught and make those fines per head, so that if a Mexican/Chinese/ethnic restaurant is caught with say three illegal employees, the restaurant is fined for each employee. I think a million dollar fine per illegal sounds about right.

In any event, I trust that the naked display of what the illegal immigrant lobby REALLY wants (Aztlan, Mexican ownership of the southwest US, etc) will trigger the US Congress into actually doing something about this flood of illegals. In peacetime, perhaps we could turn a tolerant eye, but this is war. And these illegals have already shown by their actions that they do not feel any allegiance to the United States.

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