Friday, September 07, 2007

San Francisco Sanctuary 2.0

San Francisco is one of the worst offenders regarding illegal immigration. Not content with refusing to obey laws with which they disagree, San Francisco actively encourages illegal aliens to come to their city and prohibits any city agency- including the police- from assisting the federal government in deporting these criminals.

Now comes the news that San Franscisco wants to take the next step- providing these illegals with formal idenitification cards so as to allow them access to services that they have no right to. According to the SFGate online magazine, one of San Francisco's supervisors is writing a law to create a city ID card especially for illegals. However, what is worse, he is pressuring financial institutions to accept it. As SFGate writes,
San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano is drafting legislation to create a city identification card for immigrants unable to get traditional ID cards, a move likely to anger advocates of tougher immigration enforcement.
The cards would be accepted by all city agencies and organizations that receive city funding. Ammiano plans to introduce the legislation within a couple of weeks. He also is trying to persuade financial institutions to allow residents to use the cards to open accounts.
"There is a large community who contribute, and there are not a lot of safeguards around their (immigration) status, their piece of mind and their ability to participate," Ammiano said, adding that the card would be available to all people living in San Francisco regardless of their immigration status.

This is a bad idea on so many fronts I hardly know where to start. Firstly, illegal aliens are, by definition, illegal. Why is the City of San Francisco so eager to assist foreign nationals brak United States law? Do these ignorant fools in the city council not understand that if one does not like a law, then one changes it. However, one does not have the right to selectively disobey laws simpply because one does not like them.

Secondly, this is a problem on legal grounds. Courts have thrown out laws by cities trying to help enforce the government's illegal alien enforcement. How can a court allow San Fracnisco's blantant attempt to create their own immigration policy? If a city cannot enforce immigration laws, how can a city be allowed to create a new form of ID that floutss immigration law?

This also creates a problem for the 'financial institutions' Supervisor Ammiano is pressuring. They are, or should be, under pressure from the federal government NOT to accept this kind of identification- the Mexican matricular card was bad enough. If San Francisco starts pressuring them to accept the new illegal ID card, then banks have to choose which laws to obey- federal or state.

San Francisco and other 'sanctuary cities' need to be firmly reined in. No matter if they are elected or not, Supervisor Ammiano and his fellows on the SF City Council are conspiriing to break federal law. They can and should be arrested and tried on those charges. In addition, all federal funding should be yanked from the city until the council comes to its senses. Unfortunately, we will probably have to wait for a new President in order for any of this to occur. The Bush Administration, stalwart though it has been in conducting the war against imperialist Islam, has been less than active regarding the invasion of illegals coming across the sourthern border.

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