Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Publicist: I Want Osama bin Laden As a Client

Publicists exist to help their clients get their message out to the larger public. As I understand their role, they shape, spin and aotherwise massage their client's actions and words to create a most positive public presence. However, one would expect publicists to be able to differentiate between spoiled actors and other 'celebrities' and murderous terrorists who espouse a global empire based on a particularly barbaric code. In the case of publicist Prada Jones, one would be severely mistaken. Jones' wrote an article at on why she wants to be Osama bin Laden's publicist, and based on her comments, seems to lack both common sense and moral clarity.

Jones fatuously wrote,
He seems like he would be a typical client... always wanting the world to hear what he's got to say. And, he would always be coming up with some new idea or theory for me to publicize. Just like most celebrity clients, he would be somewhat hard to get on the phone.

A typical client? Jones apparently doesn't understand the difference between an actor or fake celebrity such as Paris Hilton, and a man who has masterminded attacks against the United States and Western Europe that have killed thousands of people and injured many more. In addition,why she is so gushing over a mass murderer who doesd not respect women as individuals and who if successful would launch a global empire in which non-Muslims, including women, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and certainly Christians would be relegated to second-class citizenship at best. bin Laden promotes and fights for a State in which all decision would be made by an unelected council of self-appointed imams, just as is the case in Iran and in most other Islamic states.

The amount of ignorance coupled with naivete in Jones gushing nonsense is shocking. One would expect a graduate of high school to have some understanding of the difference between an Islamic terrorist and a narcissistic celebrity such as Hilton or most other Hollywood celebrites. But in this day and age, where moral equivalency is taught as a matter of course, one would be sadly mistaken. This kind of nonsense is hailed as the new tolerance, as its adherents never realize that they are enabling a form of tyranny that compares to that perpetrated by Hitler's Germany. We can only hope they awake before they find themsleves trapped within its grasp. Hat tip to NewsBusters reader GoldenEagle.

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