Monday, September 17, 2007

Barry Manilow: Conservatives 'Dangerous'

Barry Manilow epitomizes the liberal reaction to being forced to share a stage with someone with whom he disagrees- instant flight! Manilow is apparently cancelling his scheduled appearance on the mostly-liberal gabfest show 'The View' because new host Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a conservative. According to TMZ, Manilow said of Hasselbeck,
In an exclusive statement to TMZ, Barry says, "I strongly disagree with her views. I think she's dangerous and offensive. I will not be on the same stage as her."

So it seems that is is perfectly acceptable for liberals and/or Democrats to only go where their views will not be challenged, isn't it, Barry? I seem to recall the major Democratic candidates for President refusing to appear in a Fox-sponsored debate because they consider Fox 'right-wing'. I suspect that the real reason was that they might actually have to answeer questions that are not softballs about how terrible George W. Bush is and how unfeeling/corrupt/warmongering/[insert your preferred criticism here] the Republicans are. It seems to be a liberal failing to be unable to handle a frank exchange of disagreeing viewpoints. Maybe it is because they are so used to having a liberal echo chamber in the mainstream media?

However, if a Republican were to refuse to go on, say CNN due to the left-wing viewpoints espoused by so many of CNN's reporters and talking heads, the liberal media would scream. It seems that liberals and the media want completely free speech for what ever they emote, no matter how offensive or untrue, but cannot grant that privielege to anyone with whom they disagree. Remind me again about liberlas' support of 'free speech'? It seems that only they are entitled to free speech- anyone who might be *gasp* a conservative is not granted that right. I'm wondering when the media will denigrate Manilow's cowardice as he surely deserves. I won't hold my breath. Cross-posted at NewsBusters.


Carolyn Brown said...

Dear Richard,
Thanks for your excellent take on this Barry Manilow issue on the view. There are millions of devoted Barry Manilow fans who happen to be Republican or Conservative. I, myself am one of those people, and I am personally deeply insulted by Barry's remarks. He should keep politics out of it.

Anonymous said...


I know I am late on the subject of Barry Manilow, but I want to let you know that I appreciate your remarks and although I enjoyed his music I can't seem to tolerate watching him anymore. Don't you think it's odd that celebrities don't realize that Bush; however unpopular was voted in twice. I believe there are more Repulicans than Dems. We made Fox news number 1. I would love to hear feedback via this site, especially from Richard as to why he thinks the celbrities don't understand how many republicans are out there.

Joanne Bradley