Thursday, August 16, 2007

Media Mistruths

There have been a number of media malfeasances in the past few years, including Dan Rather and Mary Mapes' attempt to throw the 2004 election to John Kerry, Jayson Blair's racially-protected reign of falsehood at the New York Times and most recently Scott Beauchamp's anti-American propaganda for the New Republic. However, that is not all, by far. The American Thinker's Randall Hoven has done a yeoman's job of digging and has come up with a list of most of the recent offenders. And a very interesting thing is that almost all of them are of liberal or Leftist political views.

I'm not sure whether the preponderance of Leftists on this list speaks to an essential disdain for truth or whether it speaks to Leftists' well-documented belief that the ends justify the means. In either case, it is instructive that the Right seems to respect truth more than the Left, if these examples are any guide.

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

UPDATE: The always-wise Victor Davis Hanson has weighed in on the online pages of the National Review, advising the media mavens that "anonymity is a vicious but seductive Siren that lures its heedless listeners to shipwreck on the shoals".

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