Monday, August 20, 2007

(Illegal) Immigration Issues

An example of all that is wrong with our immigration system was on display today as 32 year old illegal alien Elvira Arellano was arrested in Los Angeles and processed for deportation. All while Arellano's son, a legal US resident, watched. This is wrong on so many levels that I hardly know where to begin.

First, how did Arellano's son gain legal US residency, when his mother arrived illegally? Because anyone born in the U.S automatically is a citizen, regardless of how they got here. This needs to change, so as to eliminate the "anchor babies" so many illegals depend on to muddy the waters of their own illegal actions.

Second, Arellano herself is a multiple offender. She has already been deported once, and has returned anyway. She has been staying in a church in Chicago in defiance of a deportation order for the past seven months. Why did the government not obtain a search warrant and seize her from her illegal sanctuary? Churches have no legal basis to defy the federal government, especially in cases like this, where there is no question of the woman being mistreated.

But most of all, this is an example of how badly our immigration process is broken. Illegal aliens like this woman push themselves in front of those who have done the process legally, and that is a Bad Thing. Why should we lavish any pity on Arellanes and her illegal cohorts when far more qualified and law-abiding people wait on the Department of Homeland Security capricious and time-consuming process for legal admittance to this country?

It's time for this country to get serious. Remove the anchor baby process first. Anyone born here must be of at least one American citizen parent, and if the baby is born to a foreign parent, they must apply for citizenship- it should not be automatic. Second, we need to stop this invasion of illegals from our southern border, no matter how desperately the corrupt government in Mexico desires this state of affairs to continue. But most of all, we need to convince our representatives in Washington of our seriousness. And if they cannot or will not listen, maybe it's time to send a few of them home for good.

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