Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Deported Illegal Asks to Return- As Ambassador

Apparently flagrantly breaking the laws of the United States is not enough for some illegal aliens- they need to flaunt their breaking in the faces of law-abiding Amerticans and legal immigrants. According to the International Herald-Tribune, the Mexican illegal deported last week, Eliana Arellano, has asked Meixcan President Felipe Calderon for a diplomatic visa so she can return to the United States as a 'peace and goodwill ambassador'.

As reported by the International Herald-Tribune,
"What I'm asking for is a diplomatic visa so that I can be an ambassador for peace and justice because I'm not a terrorist and the United States can't continue treating undocumented migrants as terrorists," Arellano told reporters after meeting with President Felipe Calderon at the presidential residence, Los Pinos.

A peace and goodwill ambassador? What kind of peace and goodwill would a self-confessed illegal alien who has openly showed she has no concern for the laws passsed by American citizens bring to this country? What she wants, of course, is to be allowed to legally come back to this country and be reunited with her sson, who is a citizen due to the disastrously thought-out 'baby-anchor' provision for citizenship. Since Ms. Arellano does not want to take her son back to his real country (that would be Mexico), she is trying once again to game the system. As for her comments about "treating undocumneted migrants as terrorissts", this is easily dismissed. Arellano is not being treated as a terroris- she is being treated as what she is- an illegal alien. Terrorists end up in Guantanamo Bay or dead. No one has mistreated or abused Arellanos in any way. Remember, Ms. Arellano, you knowlingly and willingly broke the law of the United States. If all you wanted was to be with your son, you can legally take him back to Mexico with you. he could be on the next plane and no one will stop you. It is your desire to get unearned privileges that brought you to this pass.

I have some suggestions for Arellano and all her enablers in the illegal-alien business. The United States is a sovereign country and as such has the right to determine who can and shouldd be granted entry. Mexicans and other illegals mostly cannot justly claim political persecctuion. if conditions in their home countries are bad, then it is their responsibility to work to make those conditions better. it is not the United States' responsibility to provide a free living and an equally free stress-relief valve to the corrupt governments of the nations from which these illegals come. And I find the hypocrisy of all of the countries involved staggering. None of these countries- not Mexico, not China and not any other South American country- provides any asssistance to illegals found within their own borders. In fact, anyone caught illegally in Mexico, to use merely one example, is summarily deported after a term in jail. Why then do these countries seem to think that we should not be allowed to police our own borders?

As for the United States Congress- think about your law-abiding, legal constitutents before getting caught up in the illegal-alien hype. There are many deserving LEGAL aliens waiting for the DHS to process their applications. Let's work on making the process better for those who actually desire to follow our rules and who have demonstrated that they respect the culture into which they desire to come. The ccurrent process for legally becoming a green-card holder is hopelessly broken, and many of the srtaff at the former Immigration and Naturalization Service are both rude and incompetent. Before we start letting illegals gain privileges that citizens and leegal alienss cannot access, let's help those who would be worthwilfe additions to our country- not those who have already demonstrated that they have no respect for our culture or our laws.

If President Calderon is foolish enough to give Arellano a diplomatic visa, I hope the United States uses its prerogative to deny her entry to this country. She is a convicted criminal, and we are under no obligation to allow self-confessed criminals back into our country- no matter how much they and their home government may desire to embarrass us.

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