Thursday, August 16, 2007

Guilty As Charged

Breitbart News reported that Jose Padilla was found guilty on all charges today by a jury in Miami. According to the article,
Padilla, Adham Amin Hassoun and Kifah Wael Jayyousi face life in prison because they were convicted of conspiracy to murder, kidnap and maim people overseas. All three were also convicted of two terrorism material support counts that carry potential 15-year sentences each.

This is very good news, as it justifies the Bush Administration. Despite the idiocy of allowing terrorists and accused terrorists access to our legal system, the trial results deliver harsh reality to the folks who have claimed that Padilla is merely a misunderstood American- folks who include much of the mainstream media!

Let us hope that this conviction is the beginning of a long line of terrorists meeting their richly deserved fates. Padilla is a traitor and deserves everything he gets.

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