Thursday, February 22, 2007

On (Illegal) Immigration...

...the New York University College Republicans have a novel idea- have the Border Patrol find the illegal alien! It appears that the group is staging a hunt on campus today in which several students wearing 'Border Patrol' nametags will try to find a student wearing a similar 'illegal alien' tag. the College Republicans say that this is to promote dialog about illegal immigration. This seems like a wonderful idea.

Too often we forget that illegal aliens are exactly that- illegal. These people have so little respect for American laws and culture that they break the law to come here and then demand rights above sand beyond those available to immigrants who actually adhere to the legal process- however flawed that process may be. In addition, we forget that citizenship is not a right- it should be earned by those who come here.

And the fact is that the Border Patrol needs our attention and our help. The politicians in Washington and most other government houses have no connection to the vast majority of Americans who want a stop to the indiscriminate amnesty that both parties are offering to these undesirables. But the only way to stop this invasion of illegal aliens is to bring more attention to it and convince these feckless and cowardly politicians that America is tired of these thugs from outside our borders.

Let's fix the process for legal immigration, so that we can eliminate the rudeness, arbitrariness, and pettiness that the Department of Homeland Security (formerly the INS) displays to both citizens and legal immigrants. Let's not focus on a bunch of illegal aliens who are- well, illegal.

To this end, the College Republicans are to be congratulated for bringing this issue to our attention, since the media (and most politicians) are seemingly incapable of differentiating between legal and illegal immigration. Perhaps this will, as the College Republicans hope, promote a clearer dialog about how to deal with this threat to our country.

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