Friday, February 02, 2007

Muslim Hyperbole

In the wake of the arrests in Birmingham last week, one would expect both Muslims and non-Muslim Britons to understand that planning to kidnap and execute a British soldier is neither legal nor is it very compatible with the ideal of differing cultures/religions living together in harmony. At the very least, one woul expect Muslims to thank the British police for their timely arrests.

But it appears instead that Muslims prefer to engage in rhetoric. According to Breitbart News, one of Briton's leading Muslims has declared Briton to be comparable to Nazi Germany. The Muslim leader in qustion is a man named Mohammed Naseem, and according to the report,
"The country is moving toward a police state. That's not right. We have to change this," he said inside the mosque, where some 2,000 Muslims gathered for weekly Friday prayers.

Actually, Mr. Naseem, what isn't right is Muslims planning to kidnap and execute a British soldier in their adopted country. If you and your followers tried harder to fit into what is a majority Christian country, and refrained from the hateful and anti-Western rhetoric such as this statement, then perhaps the police wouldn't need to arrest your ignorant and violent followers. Perhaps you might even consider that these arrestees, if the charges prove to be true, were breaking the law in virtually every respect.

You might even consider that if you don't like living under Western laws, you are welcome to return to your countries of origin. Of course, you wouldn't have the luxury of publicly condemning your government there. After all, there is not a single Muslim-majority country that grants Christians the kind of freedom that Muslims enjoy in all Western countries. Chirstians, and non-Muslims are treated as criminals in most Muslim countries, or at best tolerated for the skills they bring.

Muslims are welcome in the West, but they must learn that they have no right to require their host countries to change according to Muslim wishes. Rather it is the responsibility of Muslims - and other immigrants - to change to fit into their adopted countries. If the West were firmer about requiring asimilation, and more robust in defending their justifiable proud culture, then perhaps we would not have these problems. Just a thought...

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