Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Democratic Arrogance

One would think that Democrats and leftists, whose mantra is that everything is a right, would respect the rights of others as well. However, a failing of the Left shared by many Democrats in Congress, is to only allow themselves rights and to attempt to take away others' rights and privileges.

The latest example of this is provided by freshman Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota. Though Mr. Ellison insited that he be allowed to take the oath of office on the Koran (this despite the US being a country where the Koran has no official weight whatsoever), he apparently will not extend the same courtesy to his peers.

Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado enjoys smoking the occasional cigar in his office, and he is allowed to do so under Congressional rules. However, Mr. Ellison (whose office neighbors that of Mr. Tancredo) apparently feels that his rights take precedence over those of Mr. Tancredo, and called the Capitol Police, despite being told that Mr. Tancredo is not breaking any rules or laws.

One would hope that Mr. Ellison would be aware that his rights end where another person's begin. If he expects to have a career in US politics, he had better learn this, or he will himself fall afoul of the law at some point. And on a wider point, if Democrats can't respect the rights of others in small areas such as this, do we really want this party to lead our nation in governance?

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