Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Media At War

Rand Simberg at the blog Transterrestrial Musings wrote a wonderful depiction of the Mainstream Media's efforts so far in the war against Muslim aggression in which we are currently engaged. Although this was originally written back in December of 2001, I feel that it is as relevant in February of 2007 as it was when it was first penned. A sample of Mr. Simberg's wit is as follows:

One older reporter is a grizzled veteran of the successful Tet Offensive, in which a US victory on the ground had been successfully converted into an ignominious setback in the papers and television news, with little organized resistance.

"When we arrived at the front, everything was going our way, just as we expected. The US Air Force had been pounding the Taliban for weeks, with no obvious effect. We thought that the battlefield was prepared for a major propaganda advance. But just as we started to move out seriously, with fusillades of stories about Vietnam analogies, and the futility of just chasing down terrorists without addressing why the world hates us, the Taliban and Al Qaeda started to collapse without warning. We came under fire ourselves. Huge shellbursts of cruel reality and vicious satire were exploding all around us, and dangerous facts were whizzing just past our ears, sometimes right in one and out the other..."

Read the whole thing. Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

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