Monday, January 30, 2006

So Hamas Wants Our Money

It appears that Hamas, like many of our of the prominent members of own media and the Democratic Party, has not yet realized that elections do have consequences. I see that despite the Palestinian voters' deciding that they want war and not peace, Hamas still wants the West (against whom it has waged a years-long campaign of hateful propaganda) to continue paying its bills.

Captain Ed Morissey put it best, commenting,
Elections have consequences, as I noted in another context. Part of those consequences is a clear understanding of what the Palestinians want as a people. They voted for the radical terrorists, and more importantly, never bothered to form a separate political party based on peaceful coexistence with Israel. They left themselves a choice between Fatah and Hamas. Had they been serious about peace, the voters would have formed a third party based on that goal and overwhelmingly supported it.

I agree. Hamas can whistle for my money until they actually realize that their election victory means that their hateful rhetoric has come home to roost. The West is not obligated to give them money. they are now reaping what they have for so long sown. They will earn our help or our enmity by their future actions. At present however, they have earned nothing but our disdain.

Hat tip to Captain's Quarters.

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