Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hillary's Hopes...

...have been struck a major blow. In a new CNN/Gallup poll, only 16 percent of voters firmly support her, while an astonsihing 51 percent say there is no way they would vote for her in 2008. This is despite the last five years of Hillary-boosting performed by the 'objective' Mainstream Media. Perhaps this is finally the evidence we have been waiting for that will convince the media how out of touch they are with most Americans, and hopefully this will put the death blow on Hillary's Presidential ambitions. President Hillary would be about as good for this country as Jimmy Carter was.

In related news, ABC's 'Commander-In-Chief' series, which is basically an MSM propaganda device to prepare the country for President Hillary, has been sinking in the ratings. Hopefully this is a corollary sign that Hillary's Presidential aspirations are based in fantasy rather than reality.

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