Tuesday, January 31, 2006

国際貴社とアメリカ (International Press and the US)

It is very interesting to view the disconnect between the way the international press corps views the United States and the way that most of the world's population views the same country. The international (and US) press has absolutely no compunctions about publishing derogatory and insulting articles and issues such as the infamous Newsweek Japan highlighted so clearly here. Although Newsweek apparently was afraid to publish that story in the U.S. Interesting how they are so courageous- especially when no Americans are likely to be listening/reading!

However, it is even more interesting how the majority of the world's population clearly disagree with the self-elected elites of the Press. In fact, the US is still the number-one destination for both legal and illegal imigration. While the international press sneers, ordinary people- those who, unlike the majority of the Press actually work for a living- are voting with their feet. You think the Press might notice?

It is my sincere hope that someday the Press' contempt and dislike for their own country, and their despicable tactics in constantly denigrating it, will come home to roost. I only hope I am here to see it.

Hat tip to Gaijin Biker and Michelle Malkin.

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