Monday, January 09, 2006

Barbra Sightings

There has been a Barbra Streisand sighting! Apparently content with her embarrassing screeds against our elected Adminstration, Ms Streisand has kept herself in a fairly low profile after her atrocious grammar and even less sightly logic were exposed by the blogosphere during our last election cycle. However, she seems to think that the voting public (most of whom have intellectual achievements that far surpass hers) might want to hear what she opines on current events. Not that she has any expertise or even real knowledge on said events. So she has published yet another amusing example of her lack of comprehension of said process. Among her comments is the following:

The result of the December election has plunged Iraq into political turmoil. Preliminary results showed the advancement of the United Iraqi Coalition, supported by the Shiite religious figure Ayatullah Ali al-Seistani. Days after the election, Sunni Arab leaders had angrily rejected early election results, saying that the vote has been fixed to favor the Shiite majority party.

Ms. Streisand ought to have graduated high school at least. Had she accomplished that much, she would understand that elections do usually tend to favor the majority in a country with elected officials. It certainly does in this country (despite Democratic wishes to the contrary). And that the process of creating a representative government is not always neat and pretty. Our own certainly was not. Does Ms Streisand not remember the Articles of Confederation? Therefore, to claim that Iraq is 'plunged into political turmoil' is an asinine analysis of the actual situation. Furthermore, the cry of 'Rigged' is a long-stnding favorite of would-be autocrats (see the Bolsheviks, the Democrats, and any other group who has not received the results they wish from an election).

If Ms. Streisand really believes the elections were a mistake, perhaps she would offer a realistic alternative, as opposed to merely repeating the tired old 'Bush Failed' and Bush Lied' slogans so loved by comrades on the Left. If we are no safer than we were in 2001, then why, Ms. Streisand, are the al Quaeda poeople hiding in caves, while you and your friends are able to continue your anti-American screeds with little fear? But that would require actual understanding of the strategic and political situation- something Ms. Streisand, for all her undoubted musical talent, sadly lacks.

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