Friday, December 02, 2005

Monday Night Spin

This post today in the Carolina Journalby Jon Ham, father of the well-known blogger Mary Catherine Ham, contemplated the amusing result if Monday Night Football was covered like the war in Iraq. The story finishes by saying,

The insurgent Steelers, striking sporadically with lesser equipment against the hegemonic Colts, inflicted serious damage with several tackles, a sack and some pass breakups, holding Indianapolis to only two field goals in the 15-minute span. Observers said it looked as if the tide were turning in favor of the insurgent Steelers.

In the third period, the Steelers again held the Colts to a single touchdown, damaging the Colts’ aura of invincibility and giving hope to the insurgents that their time would come. Some critics pointed to the stands as some Colt fans began filing out, saying that this showed the Colts losing support at home.The Steelers were even stronger in the final period, holding the Colt juggernaut to a mere three points. “I think Indianapolis was just in the wrong game, at the wrong place at the wrong time,” one Colt critic was heard to say.

The final score, by the way, was Colts 26, Steelers 7.

Just imagine that the media reported on all events the way they are "reporting" on the economy and Iraq. Just like the "news" being propagated by our Exempt Media in regards to the economy and Iraq, the facts are accurate (mostly) but the spin is ridiculous.

On a side note, it is a constant amazement to me that the media has managed to bury the economic numbers, which are far mor spectacular and steadier, than Bill clinton's ever were. Yet that was a 'Boom Era' and this is a "recession'. I cannot understadn why the Administration doesn't pound this drum constantly, especailly since the numbers are so clearly in their favor. And if they would actually defend themselves and point out how disingenuous and downright dishonest the Democrats have been, I think the President's poll numbers would respond as well. Pardon the excursion. Back to the point at hand.

Not that I suppose any of our so-professional, so-objective Exempt Media Organs will appreciate ithe humor in the preceding article. They have already proven to be able to forget today what they were saying yesterday, and they clearly have no opinion at all of the actual epople of this country- unless they occupy positions of prominence in Hollywood or the Democratic Party's undergrowth. Yes, just imagine if we had a truly honest and patriotic media as well....oh, in fantasyland again, I suppose.

Hat tip to Hugh Hewitt.

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