Monday, December 19, 2005

And black celebrities still don't get it....

So it appears that Mary J Blige still doesn't understand. In a recent interview she gave to the UK Guardian, the spoiled-brat singer claims:
"The blacker you are, the worse it is for you. If you're mixed, you've got a shot. If you cater to what white America wants you to do and how they want you to look, you can survive. But if you want to be yourself, and try to do things that fit you, and your skin, nobody cares about that. At the end of the day, white America dominates and rules. And it's racist."

Never mind, Mary, dear, that you owe everything you are to that 'racist' society. Never mind that so-called racist society allowed you and helped you to become a celebrity. Could you have done that in any other society? I don't think so. If you were actually born in your so-wonderful Africa, you would be scratching for a living or maybe living as some dictator's whore if you weere good-looking enough. If you were in some Communist paradise like Cuba or North Korea, you would be on a farm because Asians as a race look down on blacks- especially American blacks who don't realise how good they have it. You would not be rich, famous, and able to make these asinine comments that only prove you know absolutely nothing about real racism. And it is true. You you know absolutely nothing about racism. Have you ever been follwed by little children screamin, 'Look mom, it's a black person!"? I have had that experience, though in my case it was 'Look mom- it's a white devil'- simply becasue I was living in a place where non-colored people were rare. Thus I was an object of real racism. Has any white person ever told you you cannot enter their place of business because of your color or race? Not in America, Mary dear. But in many parts of the worl,d, if you are not the right race/color, you cannot enter a place of business. It has happened to me. That is racism, Mary dear.

In fact, I have lived abroad in many places, and America is one of the least-racist places on earth. And if you can't appreciate it, maybe you should leave those bodyguards and limousines behind and try living in a place as a normal person where you really are an object becasue of your race. It might make you appreciate your own country- or at least stop spouting idiotic and unture rhetoric. You don't know what racism is, and you don't even have the grace to thank those 'racist' white people who made you a multi-millionaire. They didn't buy your album becasue of your color, Mary dear. They bought because they appreciated your art. I don't but as a musician myself, I can at least appreciate good music, and I don't really care who makes it. You are the real racist, Mary dear, not the folks who made you rich and famous by buying your albums.

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