Monday, December 19, 2005

Media Short-Sightedness

Excellent post on the media's incurable and downright dangerous lack of a sense of history at Real Clear Politics. This goes hand in glove with the media's lack of any real qualifications to perform their job. A journalism degree is one of the easiest, in terms of scholastic requirements, to obtain, and requires no real skills other than the ability to write. Most journalists would fail miserably if presented with a course of study that required work where the answers cannot be fudged. And few schools of journalism present the past in context, nor do they have teachers who are interested in presenting the United States as the force for good it has generally been. They are too busy finding fault with their homeland.

Most journalists, therefore, have no understanding of history, and thus are unable to put contemporary events in any historical context. Coupled with their general distrust and dislike for thier own country (especially when a Republican is president) they are singularly ill-equipped to execute their duty to inform the public regarding contemporary events and are decidedly unquailifed to present commentary on those events.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.

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