Friday, December 02, 2005

And More Media Hypocrisy

John Leo over at the marvelous site reminds us that the Press' current outrage over the news that *gasp* the United States Armed Forces may be paying to have positive (and true) stories printed in the Iraqi press may be due to their own richly deserved guilty consciences over their own lack of courage in revealing Saddam Hussein's atrocities.

We all have heard of the Abu Ghraib prison now, but John Burns of the New York Times reminds us that under Saddam, the prison was "the heart of Saddam's reign of terror." Yet Burns says that few if any of his colleagues even knew what Abu Ghraib was! In face, when Saddam allowed limited access under pressure from George W Bush, the BBC didn't even go, beceasuue they were afraid to cause trouble. Only when the United States military came into the control of Abu Ghraib did most news reported suddenly discover that the prison even existed. Knowiing of course that they were under no threat whatsoever from the US military- despite Eason Jordan's over-wrought claims.

It appears that the media only expresses outrage regarding propaganda when it is propagated by a force that is both truthful and sincere. And when the news propagated by said force easiy debunks the MSM's own propaganda- which is neither truthful nor sincere.

Hat tip to Matt Drudge and Glenn Reynolds.

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