Monday, October 24, 2005

Who's the Real Racist?

I find the media's depiction of various ethnic groups interesting. When a Cynthia MacKinney or a Louis Farrakhan spews their hate-filled utterances, the mainstream media says not a word about the repugnancy and racism inherent in their statements. When a Hispanic supremist group called Mecha who is the exact counterpart to the Ku Klux Klan, and whose official motto is "Por la raza, todo; fuera de la raza, nada" (For the Race, everything; for those outside the race, nothing) publishes a Spanish-language newsletter advocating the takeover by force of the southwestern states in order to create a glorious new Mexican empire, the mainstream press remains silent.

However, when a pair of young, attractive white girls make money espousing what appear on first sight to be much milder sentiments regarding their own (white) race, the media immediately brands them as 'white nationalists" who are "preaching a message of hate".

Really? I would not argue that despite their attractiveness, songs praising Rudolf Hess are in questionable taste. However, consideering the media's claims for First Amendment protection for pornography and anti-Semite and anti-white speech, how dare these same people to paint these girls as racist without acknowledging their duplicity in failing to equally brand their favored groups as racist. Just more evidence of the MSM's bankrupt morality...

It seems to me that if one if black, or Hispanic, then the Media will follow along with no questions on your racist and often repugnant agenda. After all, white men are fair game. Along with Christians, of course! But if you happen to be a white person, then your every utterance is automatically suspect to the nattering nabobs of negativity. Who aree themselves mostly white too! i guess that if you are in the Press, your color doesn't matter. It is only the non-Press whose color makes their utternaces worthy or non-worthy of reportage. This merely confirms my view of the Press as morally and practically corrupt...

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