Friday, October 14, 2005

Cultural Decay in Japan?

Japan has long been considered the land of tradition, and the zealous cultural guardians, particularly those whose livelihood depends on it have been successful thus far in safe-guarding the tradiotions. However, things may be changing. According to the Daily Mainichi Shinbun, young Japanese are just as randy and as neglectful of their cultural traditions as are many of our own youth over here.

The article in question claims that young couples are engaging in noisy sexual escapades at traditional Japanese inns, and the article seems to be worrying about the effect on the coutry's traditions.

In yet another assault on Japanese traditions, it seems that young so-called 'office ladies' (girls in their late teens and twenties who work in companies as decorative fixtures until they marry employees) are apparently rebelling against the status quo. Wai-Wai reports that they are using methods like wringing dishwater into their boss's cups of tea to get back at their second-class treatment.

Well, well. The more things change, the more they stay the same....

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