Friday, October 21, 2005

More Miers Missteps...

Well, if the President's news on Harriet Miers wasn't already bad enough, it just got worse. According to the excellent Captain Ed over at Captain's Quarters, it appears that Miers is not only tied to some highly questionable sweetheart deals in Texas, but it also appears that Bush's campaign paid her an eye-popping amount of money during his campaign for Texas governor.

Bush is undoubtedly right on the One Big Thing of our times, as eruditely explained by Victor Davis Hanson, but I have come to the concludion that he is undoubtedly wrong on this Miers nomination. Not only does Miers lack strong qualifications, but she has a meagre paper trail, making it difficult at best to guess which wayn she might vote, and she apparently has some uncomfortable insider connections that make it even more difficult for me to endorse her for a postiion of such gravity and importance as Supreme Court nominations have unfortunately become.

With all this new evidence, I have reluctantly come to believe that it is best if the President withdraws her nomination. There are many far more qualififed onminees available (Luttig, Volokh, Brown, etc) and any one of them would be a fine choice for the Court. Miers is simply not in that category.

Hat tip to Captain's Quarters.

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