Thursday, October 13, 2005

More Minority Smears

Apparently Louis Farrakhan is still parroting the discredited Loony Left/RaceMongerers line that the Katrina disaster was all a put-up job to kill blacks. reports that Farrakhan claimed a bomb burst the New Orleans levees, not the hurricane's winds. He claimed a member of the Army Corps of Engineers actually told him that there wer brun marks on the levee.

Interesting how all these so-called 'black leaders' are so quick to denigrate the feds' attempts to help their people. Whether it is claiming the federal government is out to destroy them (a job they seem to be doing quite well all by themselves) or blaming the response on racism, there is little attempt to rally their people to any sort of self-improvement. I guess it is easier to expect others to give than to actually put any effort into improving yourself.

One reads that the black population is highly religious. Yet whatever happened to the Biblical idea that help comes to those who help themselves? Charity for those in need is fine, but a culture of victimhood helps no one. Maybe Louis might want to think about that before he casts any more stones at folks who actually did help the Katrina victims - certainly more than he did.

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