Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Those Annoying Economic Facts

The Corner at National Review has posted an interesting and educational reminder of the Democratic Party's hypocrisy regarding the economy. And as a side note, it provides a reminder why the mainstream media is not to be trusted on any topic that might affect their patent desire to elect a Democrat to the White House in 2008.
According to the Corner,
A Hill staffer sends this along:
It’s the Politics, Stupid:
Comparing Labor Market Data in 1996 and 2008

Democrats on the Economy in 1996:
“Our economy is the healthiest it has been in three decades.” (President Bill Clinton, State of the Union Address, January 23, 1996)

Democrats on the Economy in 2008:
“The bottom line is that this administration is the owner of the worst jobs record since Herbert Hoover." (Senator Charles Schumer, Press Release, March 7, 2008)

So what is interesting about this? The fact that in 2008 virtually every major indicator of economic health surpasses those of 1996, yet the tone adopted by Democrats and their flunkies in the Press is of unmitigated gloom and doom. A useful chart of the actual numbers is also included in the Corner's posting. Read the whole thing, then ask yourself if the media and the Democrats' lines of economic disaster ring entirely true.

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

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