Friday, April 04, 2008

Islam and Counterfeit Toothpaste

There have been a number of stories on the counterfeit toothpaste and other items like Nike shoes, such as this one on However, is this the only aspect to the story?

According to Debbie Schlussel this morning on KSFO radio, apparently not. She reported that police raided a warehouse in her suburb of Detroit, finding a great quantity of the counterfeit items. However, there was a major aspect of the story that somehow didn't make it into the news- the factory's ownership. According to Schlussel, the warehouse was owned by Muslims and was propagating the counterfeit items to Muslim-owned stores all over the United States. Schlussel wrote on her site,
Last night, Detroit's NBC affiliate, WDIV/LLocal 4, reported on the warehouse, but reporter Kevin Dietz left out one detail, which is almost always included--the names of the people who own and operating the warehouse and the stores that sell their counterfeit merchandise. That's because all of them are Arab Muslims. Watch the video--on the middle right side of the link--closely. It's hard, on the small screen, to tell the identity of the owners of the warehouse, but on the big screen, it's quite clear, they are Arabs and they are laughing about their toxic toothpaste . . . all the way to the bank. (The Black man shown is their worker and not an owner of the business.)

What's more, my sources tell me they are Muslim Arabs and are believed to be selling the smuggled counterfeit merchandise for money laundering to terrorists, specifically Hezbollah. But none of that is mentions, even though that's why ICE is involved and it's an "international investigation."

It's well known that Hezbollah has Arab Muslims selling counterfeit Nikes, hip-hop clothing, and other fakes like the toothpaste for profit to fund terrorist operations. I've written about it on this site many times, and it's been documented in the L.A. Times and elsewhere.

This is a huge issue, if Schlussel's report is true- and it appears that it is. And this is not merely a potential threat to our health, but also to our nation. According to Schlussel, much of the profits from this deadly counterfeit material ends up back in the hands of organizations that are dedicated to our destruction. She writes,
There are so many Muslims selling fake hip-hop gear and engaging in the hip-hop lifestyle to respectively fund and pimp their kinship with terrorists that a friend of mine in Dearbornistan calls them Hezbollah's Hip-Hop-bollah.

In those cases, it's fake Nikes and hip-hop clothing, but in the case of the warehouse in my area, it's toxic, counterfeit toothpaste. Many different phony products. Yet the perpetrators are all Muslims, mostly Arabs, and all for the same cause. Yet, you'd never know it if you watched my local newscast.

We have well-documented problems with counterfeit items and the fake toothpaste has indeed been well-discussed. But yet in these discussion, the identity of the sellers of this material, and the results of their profits has been left mostly unmentioned. How did the media manage to miss the connection between the Muslim distributors and sellers and the potentially deadly products they are disseminating to the American public? Isn't one of the media's jobs to inform the public about potential threats? Certainly they seem to have no compunction writing articles with screaming headlines about our supposed loss of civil rights. What about the even more important loss of life- which could indeed occur due to these fake products and the use to which their sellers put their ill-gotten profits? Why are the media seemingly so blind to the dangers here? is it because they are afraid, or because they secretly sympathize with the aims of these cowardly weasels?

I fear that it is the latter, and I can only hope that their willful betrayal of their fellow Americans in this dangerous time will not cost us all our lives and freedom.

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