Friday, April 04, 2008

Absolut Aztlan Asininity

The ideal of Aztlan- the mythical super-country that existed before Mexico lost the 1848 Mexican-American War- enjoys significant support among Mexicans, despite the fact that Aztlan never existed. Mexico was a subsidiary of Spain until 1821, and Texas won its independence in 1832. The territories that became the south-western United States did not all become part of the United States as a single entity- California formed an independent republic, as did Texas. The remainder of the territories were gained as a result of war. For additional information on the mythology of 'Aztlan', please visit, as they have a nice explanation of what Aztlan really was- the legendary birthplace of the Aztecs, who never held control over any part of the current United States.

If the Mexicans want to press for the 'return' of south-west United States, I'm sure they will have no problem allowing the secession-minded inhabitants of their own country to split off as well. And they would be delighted to give up all of Mexico to the descendants of the Aztecs- whose defeat allowed the Spanish Conquistadores to establish what would become Mexico. And I'm sure they also would support Spain in regaining governance of most of Latin America as well. After all, most of the countries therein fought their way to independence due to combat. And of course they would support the Islamic insistence that most of Spain, Eastern Europe, Greece and Russia should be 'returned' to them as well.

The entire case is of course ridiculous, but it seems Swedish vodka-maker Absolut either doesn't know much history, or has chosen to deliberately offend the United States- their biggest customer. In a series of new advertisements, running only in Latin America, Absolut presents a map of Mexico that includes a large part of the United States, with a caption stating 'In an Absolut World'. So, in other words, in a perfect world the United States would not exist? It certainly seems that is indeed their message. Of course, that would present the samll problem of a Europe under either Soviet or Nazi domination, since Sweden's role in World War II was neither dignified nor particularly brave- and their subsequent contributions to protecting Europe are nil.

Michelle Malkin has perhaps the best comment on Absolut's absolute idiocy, titling it 'Absolut Arrogance', but even the usually reliably liberal Los Angeles Times is not particularly sympathetic to the racist and historically illiterate claims of La Raza, admitting,
Mexico reconquers California? Absolut drinks to that!

The latest advertising campaign in Mexico from Swedish vodka maker Absolut promises to push all the right buttons south of the U.S. border, but it could ruffle a few feathers in El Norte.

Of course, the LA Times forgets that California also broke away into an independent republic, becoming part of the united States separately from the remainder of the conquered territories. But that is an expected lapse, since most reporters have even less knowledge or understanding of history than do La Raza. And the Times manages to ignore the insult at the heart of the ad- the idea that a Swedish vodka company is advocating the destruction of a free and democratic country- which incidentally is the sole reason Sweden was not absorbed into the Soviet Union's sphere of Europe post-World War II.

I shall not be purchasing Absolut for myself and will advise my friends and colleagues to do the same. If and when Absolut apologizes for their arrogance and anti-Americanism, I might reconsider. Maybe.

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