Friday, October 19, 2007

Michigan Girl to Marry Arab- Family Fears For Safety

What is about Islamic terrorists that attracts ignornat American teenagers? The Michigan teenager, Katherine Lester, who tried once before to sneak off to join her myspace boyfriend in the West bank has once again traveled to the Middle East to marry him and convert to Islam. As she is now 18, legally her parents cannot stop her. According to Michigan CBS affiliate WMEN,
or the second time in two years, Katharine Lester boarded a plane to the West Bank to be with a Palestinian man she met on

Lester’s first attempt was thwarted when FBI agents intervened and returned the then-16-year-old to her parents in Michigan.

Lester, now 18, was at the airport with her passport in hand, and there was little her parents could do to stop her.

One family member told TV5 that she worries Lester won’t come back, and that she won’t ever see her again. The family member went on to say “I’m just really scared. I hope that she comes back safe.”

This is so true. Muslims, especially Arab Muslims, have no respect for women and since the man in question, a suposedly 20-year old 'computer major' who signs himself 'Abdullah Psycho' on his myspace page, would not visit the United States and insisted on the girl traveling to his area of the world. I seriously doubt this guy is 20, and once the girl is married to him, under sharia, she has no rights, and cannot even escape him. Undoubtedly he will use her to gain entry into the United States and kill more of us.

My question is for the parents. You had a year with your daughter. How is it that you weree unablee to open her eyes as to what Islam really is? I cannot believe she got a real understanding living in liberal Michigan, but the truth is not hard to find. On the other hand, teenage girls are prone to silly beliefs about their boyfirends, and perhaps it was too late by the time her family realized that she was determined to be with this probable Islamic terrorist.

As I wrote in my intial post on the topic, mothers, watch your daughters. Islamists are trying hard to convince these gullible teenss that they are for real, and once they gain possession, there is nothing the family can do undcer Islamic law- women are proerty. All we can do is to watch what our daughters are doing onh the Internet and try to preach the truth about Islam.

I feel very sorry for this idiot girl's family and can only pray that Katherine Lester herself comes to no worse harm than she already has. However, considering the religikon into which she is planning to marry, and considering the habits of most Arab Muslims, I doubt that this will have a happy ending either for the girl or her family.

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zippo said...

I was really shocked by you aremican are so close minded and are still considiring all arab people as terrorist.We have saw such acting during the cold war, areica gone in hunt of it's own ciztizen, the soo caled "RED".
By reading you article we can understand that you have no knowlodge anout Islamic Shariaa except was was cast on Fox or on CNN.For you information, conversion is a word that apply to other religion, but not to islam.
We are all born muslim, all people of all race and ethnics (Asian,black hispanic ,caucasian,...) it the parent that (convert) rise their children into christianity or budhism.
For your information, if a muslim marries a christian or a jewsish woman, he can't convert her without her own will, he can't forbid her from going to church and synagoge, he can't prevent her from practicing her religion.
You should better go to a library, and try to seek more about muslim and islam rather than saying mistakes.
HAve a nice day