Thursday, October 11, 2007

Atlantic City Mayor Resigns: Media Omit Party Affiliation

It's time for 'Name That Party' again. The besieged mayor of Atlantic City, Robert Levy, resigned today after allegations of claiming false military benefits, according to his lawyer. The lawyer also gave a reason for Levy's disappearance.
Attorney Edwin Jacobs said that the mayor had been undergoing treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues since city officials last heard from him Sept. 26.

However, according to the story in the Los Angeles Times, there were even larger reasons for Levy's disappearance- he was under investigation by Federal officials for falsely claiming military benefits to which he had no right. The Times reported,
Federal officials have been looking into whether Levy, 64, lied about his service in order to increase his veteran's benefits. The mayor was in the Army for 20 years -- serving two tours of duty in Vietnam -- and received numerous medals, awards and citations, Jacobs said.

"The pending investigation has called into question two of those awards, neither of which appear to be supported by an appropriate military order," Jacobs said.

So we have a mayor who is under investigation for claiming false military benefits and who is undergoing substance abuse treatment, yet somehow the media, in this case the LA Times, cannot be bothered to mention the mayor's party affiliation in their entire article on the subject. Hint- he's not a Republican.

Once again, the media has shown their bias. Republicans' party affiliation will be mentioned even in articles where there is clearly no reason, yet a Democrat who commits crimes can be assured of remaining unidentified with the national party. Media bias? Oh, you mean THAT media bias. Cross-posted on NewsBusters.

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