Wednesday, December 13, 2006

StoneHeads Revisited

Well! It is good to be back in the blogging saddle....I have been taking an extended sabbatical from posting for some time due to two developments in my life that have severe4ly crimped by ability to post regularly. I had determined that I would continue the sabbatical, but with the year fast drawing to a close, it seemed to require some comment on the year that passed, thus I have returned to blogging, though I fear that I shall be unable to keep a daily log as has been my wont.

I was not going to comment on the results of the November elections, since a wise man once said that people receive the government they deserve. Since the American people decided that the Democrats should receive their chance, far be it from me to demur- especially when the Republican majority was doing their best to cover themselves with shame. Though I do wish our 'fair and balanced' media would report in the same manner when Republicans are in power as they do when Democrats hold the reins.

However, I cannot help but to comment how now that the Democrats have safely taken both Houses of Congress, we are beginning to discover that:
A. Democrats are no more ethical than Republicans (and in some cases, much less so- see the Alcee Hastings case for evidence)
B. Democrats and their media allies were well acquainted with the Mark Foley affair (which to my knowlege was entirely legal- though morally repugnant) far in advance of the election and chose to delay their announcement until it could do the Republicans the greatest damage
C. Now that Democrats are in power, the wonderful economic performance of the last six years is beginning to see some light in the mainstream media

Maybe as we move into the Democratic reign, we will discover even more about how the United States has REALLY been over the last six years, now that their own have managed to take power, however temporarily.

More to follow....

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