Tuesday, July 11, 2006

About that claim of why Muslims hate non-Muslims....

...it does not appear to hold water after the news of Islamic terrorists attacking Bombay's train system. The Islamists have been hating all non-Islamic countries and peoples for centuries. Any liberal/anti-American/fifth-columnist who tries to deny that simply is either a paid stooge or an ignorant fool. History does not back up the "They hate us becasue of our policies" argument.

Why did they attack India? Land, pure and simple. Islam has been trying for centuries to reconquer all land that Muslims once held. Spain, Eastern Europe, etc, all have faced Muslim campaigns to take them from the non-Muslims who control them and whose native lands they are. And Islam has invaded Europe in wars of pure impreialism many times. How many times has Europe or America invaded Arabia or Muslim lands in a desire to conquer and hold? Never. The Crusades, as I must constantly remind the ignoramuses who populate American capmuses these days, were a reaction to retake the Holy Land (never Muslim property) from the Mulsim invaders who ruthlessly conquered and raped it in 1076, and closed the pilgrimage routes. Before that time, the Christians had never invaded Muslim territory in an attempt to conquer, though the Muslims had by that time been conducting a war of extermination against all non-Muslims, leading to the complete destruction of the classical North African states (and the occupation of most of Christian Spain) for over four hundred years.

In this case, India controls most of the majority-Muslim province of Kashmir. This was a result of the 1947 division of the British Raj between Pakistan and India. The afore-linked site is good, though it fails to mention that India is still Hindu- not 'secular'. the difference is that Hindu India is ruled by a non-religious legal system of law, unlike sharia-dominated Pakistan where any so-called imam can accuse anyone of anything and be upheld with or without ev idence. India, in contrast, relies on British rule of law.

Ever since the division, Muslims have been trying to take Kashmir by force, never mind how many Indian civilvians they kill or injure. The two countries have gone to war twice over the disputed province, the last time in 1965. And the Indian Hindus and Sikhs have long known of the terrorist tactics employed by the Muslims, and have first-hand knowledge of living as dhimmis- the long Mughal rule over India gave them plenty of practice!

Hat tip to Breitbart.com.

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mr2100 said...

Thanks , you are very acccurate indeed . Unfortunately for the peace loving world the natural allies : USA , Israel < Europe & India are not playing together as a team because of outdated cold war time mindsets. I am optimistic things can change- but if USA could set the pace it would be better. For too long we have seen Indian efforts stymied by culture of back stabbing with vaguely liberal media opinion defending freedom of terrorist in India.