Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Who Hates Whom?

We here in the United States often seem to hear, especially from the Press elites at the NY Times, CNN, etc how "the rest of the world hates America." Well, as in so many other areas, it appears that the Press is not exactly accurate with this statement. A more truthful statement might be "We in the Press hate the United States because most Americans don't believe in our far-leftist causes and don't elect enough Democrats." But that would require actual honesty- not something the American media (aptly re-christened the 'Drive-By Media' by the always-educational Rush Limbaugh) are known for.

However, in the area of international regard, a new survey by the Pew Research Center which was first published in The Economist magazine finds that maybe we Americans are not as despised as the Mainstream Media would like us all to think. You might also be surprised at which countries have the most positive opinions of this great country of ours. And Professor Victor Davis Hanson weighs in by pointing out that Sometimes the caliber of a nation is found not in why it is liked, but rather in why it is not. Dr. Hanson also says in his excellent article:

All that being said, the disdain that European utopians, Arab dictatorships, the United Nations, and Mexico exhibit toward the United States is not (as the Kerry campaign alleged in the last election) cause for tears, but often reason to be proud, since much of the invective arises from the growing American insistence on principles abroad.

As I mentioned above, the survey might surprise you, but the most interesting facet for me was finding that approximately 17 percent of Americans have a negative image of their own country. As The Futurist correctly states in his excellent article on this phenomenon, "8-10% of the US population comprises of active or semi-active fifth-columnists." In this, I believe he is correct. The anti-Americans are a small percentage, but because I believe that most of the US Press Corps fall into this category, they receive a much larger voice than they deserve. The Futurist has an excellent article on this fifth column, in which he expands on these thoughts.

In conclusion, on this July 5, 2006, I am even prouder that I live in a country whose current leadership is not afraid to push for freedom, whose citizenry is still largely patriotic (if one excludes Hollywood, most of the US Press and other sundry blue-state elites). And above all I am proud that I am an American.

Happy Birthday, to the United States of America. Happy Birthday, Old Glory. Your stars and stripes have lost none of their luster, and the principles that this great nation was founded upon still persevere in most American hearts- despite the best efforts of the US Media to destroy them.

Hat tip to The Futurist.

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