Thursday, May 25, 2006

More MSM Lies?

Despite an offical announcement from the Justice Department that Speaker of the House of Representatives Dennis Hastert is NOT under investigation, ABC News apparently cannot let go their jihad (shared with the rest of the Drive-By Media) against all Republicans. They are continuing to report that Hastert IS under investigation despite the DoJ's denial. Note to the MSM: Knowingly continuing to do false reporting about someone that damages that person's reputation after the facts have been disseminated constitutes libel. You are not exempt from libel and defamation charges, and apparently Speaker Hastert intends to press those charges, based on this letter that his attorney sent to ABC News today.

I have no particular respect for Speaker Hastert or any other member of the pork-laden Republican leadership. However, the so-called 'Mainstream' news media has been reporting false, misleading and sometimes borderline treasonous stories about Republicans in general and President Bush in particular since the 2000 elections when the MSM tried and failed to illegally throw the election to Gore by mis-reporting the results in Florida. This is merely another example of a hack job, like the Fitzmas reports of a Karl Rove indictment that never seem to happen, yet the MSM continually is anticipating.

I think it is high time that someone used the libel and possibly even the treason laws that are already on the books against the MSM for their consistently false and misleading reporting. I would like to see the Press brought to heel more sharply, since they cannot or will not report the real stories. This SHOULD have happened after they broke federal election law by projecting Florida in 2000 to Gore while the polls were still open, thus disccouraging who-knows-how-many people in the heavily Republican north-western part of the state from even voting.

More recently, the MSM's infamous Katrina coverage, their clear sympathies with the terrorists and their related refusal to report succcess stories in Iraq, their attempt to throw the 2004 Presidential election with the George W. Bush National Guard forgeries which were comprehensively exposed by Dr. Joseph Newcomer, the constant libeling of the President, the leaking of national security secrets, all of these are black marks on the national media, yet no one seems to be able to bring them to account for these spectacular failures. It is high time that someone stood up to this arrogant, spoiled group of children and brought them back to Earth, instead tof the BDS fever swamps so many of them seem to inhabit. I will be rooting for Speaker Hastert in any court case against ABC News.

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

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