Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mexico Wants to Sue

...so let them sue. According to a report by the AP, Mexico is threatening to sue if National Guard begin detaining illegal aliens on the US/Mexican border. My reaction, is to go right ahead. Every country has the right to secure its own sovereign borders and what Mexico does in purusing an open border into the US for its citizens, yet not reciprocating with rights for illegal US immigration is a disgrace. If Mexico cannot control its people, there is no reason why we Americans have to foot the bill.

I would actually push for much more stringent enforcement. There have been reports in the past that the Mexican military has encroached on US soil to help illegal aliens ccross the border. Maybe the National Guard can cut down on that. I don't think Mexico is ready for a war with the US, and if a National Guardsman is killed by a Mexican illegal or one of Mexico's soldiers, I think that there will be a backlash that dwarfs what we have so far seen. Most people in this country are not in favor of the open borders ideals espoused by Mexico. If they are so fond of open borders, how come other South Americans are not permitted to enter their country the same way they want us to permit their citizens to enter ours?

Finally, I think this is a wonderful opportunity for Congress to rein in the court system. The next federal judge who rules that we cannot enforce our own borders ought to be impeached and removed from his or her position post-haste. We are not required to suspend all ofr our own laws and customss just because a not-always-friendly foreign government wants to use us as a release valve for their own corrupt system. And if our politicians can't understand that American wishes matter more than illegal alien wishes, then they deserve to lose their next elections. And that goes for Republicans as well as DEmocrats. No one should pander when the subject is control of our sovereign borders. If Mexico wants to suborn our own system, then maybe we ought to teach them a lesson- a military one. I doubt they are any more ready to defeat us now than they were in 1848.

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