Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Red State Housing

I have not been able to post for some time, due to family complications. Mrs. gankomon is barely two months away from delivering our first child, and we have understandably been absorbed in activities connected with that event. We are also in the process of joining the ranks of homeowners in California, as we are about to buy our first house. However, that brought on a fit of cold feet, and we have been rather uncomfortable with the overheated nature of the California housing market, as we have both been through the collapse of the Bubble economy in Japan.

However, I happened across Rich Karlegaard's very fine article on Forbes Online regarding the differences in Red State and Blue State housing. He comments that although most Blue Staters turn their oh-so-sophisticated noses up at anything not in California or the East Coast (but not the South!) there are very definite advantages to living in red states- especially the price! Karlegaard writes "The last publicly expressible prejudice in the U.S. is that of Blue State sophisticates sounding off about Red Staters. The Red Staters, comfy in their $400,000 five-bedroom homes on two acres, don't much care." Great quote, and highly applicable to the current situation.

I close by admitting that we are buying in that same San Francisco area, but would cheerfully exchange the borderline treason and highly offensive air of superiority displayed by so many Bay area lefties for the more down-home and certainly more patriotic attidtudes of the interior. Even if good Asian food is a little more difficult to come by!

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