Tuesday, July 12, 2005

BBC Attempts to Rewrite History

Via The Jerusalem Post, it appears that the BBC's entrenched bias towards Islamist thugs has not changed much. As others have noted, the BBC has a policy of referring to any terrorist attacks against Israel by Islamists by any name other than terror. However, regarding the London attacks, The Post reports that although the intial reports of the London bombings called the perpetrators by their right name (terrorists), the overseas editions have quickly gone back to more-generic terminology-avoiding any mention of the terms 'terror' and 'terrorist'. What is worse, from my point of view, is the sneaky changing of the original posts to reflect the new propaganda.

To the BBC: If you are going to call a spade an agricultural implement, then please do so from the first. Attempting to change the terminology and definitions after the fact and without proper notification is neither courageous nor is it honest. The BBC weasels have struck again! Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds the Instapundit.

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