Friday, July 29, 2005

A Military Response

How come the Left in general and Democrats in particular (with the usual exception such as Senator Lieberman) have nothing good to say about their own country's military forces? Why is it that "news" organs such as the New York Times cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the debt they owe to our soldiers, but have no problem criticizing them at every turn? Well, today an un-named member of our great navy decided to answer all of these gutless naysayers in the Press, the Senate and in their comfortable, taxpayer-funded universities around the nation. The column can be found at Navy The anonymous author closes with a suggestion for the military's many armchair critics, writing,
I'd like to close with an invitation to those
journalists, analysts,
experts, and politicians who sit up at night dreaming
up new ways to
criticize our armed forces. The next time you see a
man or woman in
uniform, stop for ten seconds and reflect upon how
much you owe that
person, and his or her fellow Sailors, Marines,
Soldiers, and Airmen.


Two words -- that's all I ask. "Thank you." If that's
too hard, if you
can't bring yourself to acknowledge the dedication,
sincerity and
sacrifice of your defenders, then I have a backup plan
for you. Put on
a uniform and show us how to do it right.

Good point. So how about it, Pelosi? Are you listening, Durbin? How about you, Sulzberg? Maybe you should cut out the shrillness and think about a little loyal opposition for once in your selfish, unpatriotic lives. Maybe? Link courtesy of Instapundit.

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