Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Georgia???

In 2008, twenty-two Gerogia state legislators failed to pay taxes, according to a report filed at the time by the Associated Press. This year, twelve more failed to pay taxes, as reported by the Georgia Public Broadcasting website. Georgia's state legislature, which is currently led by Republicans, had an interesting response to this - they have a pending bill that would make it illegal for anyone who is delinquent on his or her taxes to serve. Said Republican State Senator Dan Moody, as quoted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,
“They’re being compensated with a part-time salary for a full-time job. “Hurting in the General Assembly should not come as a surprise to anybody.”

The best comment I have seen in years was posted at the bottom of the original story on the TaxProf Blog. Commenter Just A Grunt wrote,
There is no danger of any of these elected officials losing their seats. Just like the crop from last year, if any of the names are ever known they will turn out to be Democrats and as everybody should know by now this is known as a resume enhancement for them. Besides Democrat voters don't really care about issues, they just care about the (D) after the name.

Regrettably, I agree with him. And I wish that more of our so-called 'public servants' took the 'servant' part of their title seriously, instead of thinking they were some kind of aristocrat. Just a thought guys - 2010 elections aren't THAT far away...

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