Friday, June 13, 2008

The iTouch Book

Are you tired of holding your iPod Touch whilst engaged in reading your favorite e-book? Well at least one guy has come up with an alternative- disguise it as a moleskin diary!

As a good friend and technology guru stated,
so, kill some more trees and put your ipod in a hole where you can't reach the powerkey. excellent.
the guy must have been sponsored by the pay to write that tripe because he totally missed

The base site for the is located at And by the way- it handles Japanese, Chinese and Russian. There is a chance it may handle Palm docs as well, though that is not proven as yet. So- how did that idea of the iTouch/faux book work out as a pickup device? Hmm?

Thanks to Expat-Leo for the quotes and the original link to the Wired blog.

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Leo of BORG said... is the one that does PRC files... I updated the blog here: