Friday, March 07, 2008

VBS Does North Korea

For some reason the outpost of Stalinism known to the world as North Korea is not getting much press these days. Perhaps it is because reporters don't like to report on things that can't be forced into their 'Socialism/Communism are better than Calitalism' world view, but more likely it is because President Bush's six-country diplomacy has actually succeeded in reducing the threat posed by the Stalinist country. in any event, I see very few front-page stories these days on North Korea and misery of the people who have the misfortune to live in this repressive dictatorship.

However, a group of enterprising videographers from VBS TV managed to penetrate the country's famous curtain and have brought back a fair amount of video demonstrating that the country's Dear Leader Kim Jong Il is no better (and probably worse) for his people than his late unlamented father Kim Il Sung.

For the complete, fourteen part series, visit the VBS website. And then wonder why the mainstream media has so suddenly lost interest in North Korea now that they are not pulling the United States' tail in public these days. The only thing the New York Times wants to do is to publish government-approved photographs and puff pieces. A far cry from the combativeness and hostility they exhibit toward our own, elected government. But then the Times has long preferred dictators to Republicans.

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