Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Two Horse Race?

Well, it appears that the Republican nomination for President is indeed down to a straight choice between Arizona Senator John McCain and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. The latest polls out of Florida seem to indicate that former new York mayor Rudy Giuliani is falling fast and will almost certainly not win in a state where he has been leading almost since the beginning. I think that is too bad. Guiliani had issues right from the start with some of the party;'s base, but I think he would have been a very strong candidate and certainly would have given the Republicans a good alternative to the either of the policy neophytes advanced by the Democrats. He also would have brought the security factors front and center, due to his previous position. However, it appears that he, like Fred Thompson, may have waited too long to engage in the process, and now may be forced to retire. I regret that I agree with both the guys at Power Line who write eloquently,
After tonight, the contest likely will be down to Romney vs. McCain. But, although the race has been simplified, for me the choice still isn't simple. Every time it looks like McCain will break away from the pack, I panic in anticipation of four years of watching him stick it to conservatives on a more than occasional basis. When things seem to be breaking Romney's way, I panic in anticipation of an electoral rout in November followed by four years of a Clinton or Obama presidency.

Today, Florida Republicans are asked to make this call, but my turn is coming soon.

This is kind of how I feel as well, though I agree with what many others have said, to wit, any of the putative Republican candidates are infinitely more qualified and more desirable in the middle of a war against Islamic aggression than any of their Democratic rivals. However, ultimately the Republican Party will have to make a choice. I still have not made up my own mind as to which candidate will ultimately be best for the nation and for the party. However, as the Power Line crew so aptly said, I also haven't had to decide yet, but my own decision time is rapidly approaching. Fast.

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