Monday, November 05, 2007

Truth From the Mouths of...

Craigslist is filled with absolute unmitigated garbage. Whether it is the 'I wanna start a band' kids who can barely understand a major third or the rants of ignorant gang-bangers or racist punks, or the desperate hook-up attempts of silly young things and creepy oldsters, most of what one can find on Craigslist is not worth the e-paper it is printed on. However, every once in a while, there is illumination from the most unlikely sources.

In the interests of complete disclosure, I do use Craigslist. I have actually met and played with a number of talented musicians who enjoy my genre of music on Craigslist. And I do occasionally peruse the 'best of Craigslist' for my amusement. And it was there that today I read a rant on parenting that is so simple and clear that it deserves reproduction. If the author reads it here, please forgive me for quoting, but this is something that simply is not heard enough today.

On the topic pf parenthood, the unknown author wrote,
How can we expect our children to do well in life if we're passing the buck of raising them to tv trash, video games, overworked teachers with way to many kids and ofcourse our favorite...rap stars. (Ya I know, your rant about it being just music. Murder, rape, drugs, crime, violence etc is not "just music".)

So call me whatever you want, I'm the last guy to have love for the "gangsta's". But keep in mind, they were all born innocent. If a huge portion of the young population are turning bad it's not because there's something in the water. It's because we're failing, and it's up to us to stop it.
Put down the remote/keyboard/phone/whatever. Get off the couch or out of the office. Stop taking all that "time for yourself you so desperately need" and go outside and spend some time with your kids.

I know you're tired. Deal with it.

I know it's been a long day. Deal with it.

I know they want to be left alone. Make them deal with it.

The day you became a parent you stopped being number one. Your wants and desires are insignificant to the task at hand. You'll have time to deal with that in eighteen years when you've lived up to your responsibilities. The most important thing in your life is your child. So suck it up, stop all the bullsh*t excuses and get out there and be a parent.

This is absolutely spot-on. Ultimately, children are not the responsibility of schools, churches, football/baseball/basketball/track/etc coaches and certainly not the government. If you are not prepared to sacrifice your time to help your child become a good person, then you have failed your child. Read the whole thing, then go home and BE A PARENT. It's your responsibility and your privilege to be your children's parent. So do it. And if your son or daughter ends up a slut like Paris Hilton or a jailbird like [insert rapper's name here], then that is your responsibility as well. As the unknown parent wrote, "...they were all born innocent.". Yes they were.

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