Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Galloway Punished at Last?

It has been apparent since the fall of Saddam Hussein that most of his erstwhile defenders were in fact on his payroll. The governments of France and Russia who worked so hard and so long to prevent the United Nations from enforcing the fourteen separate resolutions finding Iraq in non-compliance with the terms of the 1991 cease-fire had under-the-table sweetheart deals with Iraq. As for appeasers at the U.N., the entire Oil-for-Food boondoggle was designed to enrich the top officials at the U.N.and allow Hussein to continue his weapons programs- not put food into the mouths of the oppressed Iraqi people.

The loudest and most despicable of Hussein's apologists has been George Galloway, Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom. Now, a new report released by Parliament finds Galloway took money for Hussein in return for using his position to delay sanctions and military action against Iraq. The report recommends that Galloway be suspended from Parliament for a month.

while none of this is exactly news, it is nice to see Galloway get some punishment for his activities. In my opinion, the disciplinary committee should have thrown Galloway out of Parliament and stripped him of his citizenship. Accepting money from a foreign power with which your country is at odds is disloyal at best and treason at worst. And no country in the world extends legal protection to traitors- Member of Parliament or not.

Hat tip to Power Line.

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